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Creating spaces for intuition and energy to flow

Upcoming Offerings

Stay tuned for Spring of 2024


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About Shannon & Becca

Shannon and Becca joined forces in '22 when it became obvious to them that somatic based psychotherapy and energy kinesiology are a powerful duo that offer deep healing. And that they wanted to be friends, most importantly. We bring a lot of love, connection, and skillful space holding to each person who feel called towards what we are putting into the world. We invite you in if your Soul feels the call!

Offering a soft landing space in a curated weekend away or workshop style is a supportive refuel for the human heart in today's world. The tandem package of our respective skills sets is deeply supportive, intuitively guided, and skillfully safe to meet the needs of a group dynamic and individuals present. You can expect to take home skills and tools for daily self healing and care practices, group experiential learning and activations in a safe space.

This weekend is self and community empowering, targeted to give you the individual support needed for your evolution. When women show up together in safety and community, beautiful energetic shifts begin to ripple out! It is our heart to hold space with love and invite the divine within each to meld together, participating with healing the collective as a whole.

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